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How do you teach your children to stand up and be counted???

A good start could be Change.Org.

See For Yourself:

A battle in between a class of fourth graders and a major motion picture studio would seem an unequal battle. It showed to be: the studio buckled. And therein lies a story of how brand-new Internet devices are allowing extremely ordinary individuals to beat a few of the most effective corporate and political interests around– by threatening the titans with the online equivalent of a tarring and feathering.

Take Ted Wells‘s fourth-grade class in Brookline, Mass. The children check out the Dr. Seuss story “The Lorax” and appreciated its emphasis on securing nature, so they were pleased to hear that Universal Studios would be launching a motion picture variation in March. But when the kids went to the movie’s Web website, they were crushed that the website appeared to neglect the ecological styles.

So last month they began a petition on, the go-to website for Web uprisings. They demanded that Universal Studios “let the Lorax talk for the trees.” The request went viral, rapidly gathering more than 57,000 signatures, and the studio updated the movie website with the environmental message that the children had determined. “It was precisely what the kids requested– the children were with the roof,” Wells [claimed], remembering the celebratory party that the children held during their snack break. “These children are really feeling the glow of making the world a better place. They’re feeling that power.” has grown from 20 workers a year ago to 100 now, in offices on four continents.

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