People can be cruel. This we all know. Letting a beautiful dog like this get to a point where it is infected and with Mange is pure UGLY in every sense of the word.

Luckily there are groups like & who do what they can to help these poor loving souls.

Check out this story…

If you can help these people, please show your support and do what you can. What they do is AMAZING!!!

YOU PEOPLE TOTALLY FREAKING ROCK!!!!! You have once again restored my faith in humanity!!!


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OK, 2 million plus views in 5 days… it has got to be cute right…


Check out this little guy…this 2 year old boy uses nail clippers to gt into his sisters room to get stuff.

Picks a lock, hides the evidence, gets the toy he wanted, and closes up everything like it never happened.

Check it out.



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Saw this video making the rounds today from Facebook and Youtube

You have got to see this kid. It’s hilarious.

Best Jeopardy Answer EVER!!!! In a Word… Normandy!!

Published on Feb 12, 2013

Copyright Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

The last day of the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament finals produced some exciting (and amusing) moments, mainly from Leonard including:

– Leonard’s charades attempt at remembering “collar bone
– Leonard’s almost all-in Daily Double
– The Final Jeopardy and Leonard’s amusing response.

Nilai Sarda finishes in third place with $26,400
Barrett Block finishes in second place with $35,600
Leonard Cooper wins the 2013 Teen Tournament with $75,000.

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