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Sometimes we all need a little reminder that there is still good people in the world who do random acts of kindness… just because they can.


Free wishes (Spectre577 via Reddit) Free Wishes for the Taking


A random act of kindness (xeusion via Reddit) Hey, It’s raining.. close that window. Donuts for the homeless (Immoral_bear via Reddit) Anyone hungry? A kid in a wheelchair being held up at a Korn concert (Vodka_Vodka via Reddit) The Crowd Who Made This Possible!! A subway in Australia that gives food to the homeless (Jaxity via Reddit) The owner of this Subway who helps those in need every week. A dry cleaner that will give free washes for interviews (i3rodie via Instagram) The owner of this dry cleaner who helps those in need. Free snack at a vending machine (vwallant via Instagram) Whomever left this snack money Take what you need (lnebor via Instagram) Whomever made this sign


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