Dunkin Donuts

From the person who received it:

I just thought I would share with you all what happened to me today! Came out of Dunkin Donuts and found this under my windshield wiper. There are no words to describe how I’m feeling right now. Tears in my eyes. I just wish I could thank whoever did this! God bless our troops and all of those who stand behind them.


The woman, Samantha Ford, a mother of two who lives outside of Boston, quickly snapped a photo of the note and the cash, and shared it on the Facebook page “Our Deployment: 101,” a sort of online support community for people affiliated with the military.

By the way, the sticker on her car says “1/2 my heart is in Afghanistan


You have restored my faith in humanity again for a bit longer!!!

To Samantha and her Boyfriend… Fair Winds & Following Seas!! Thank you both fore being AWESOME!!


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