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My faith is once AGAIN restored for a bit as it appears there are still kids who WANT to work, are willing to do ANYTHING it takes to work, and People who are willing to see them succeed!!

Teenager starts a 10 mile trek for a job interview at Wendy’s in cold, wet, ICY conditions.


It all started on Friday, when Art Bouvier, the owner of Papa Roux, a Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis (GO GIVE HIM SOME BUSINESS PLEASE), was laying rock salt outside the the place after an ice storm had hit earlier that morning.

That’s when Jhaqueil Reagan walked up to him and asked him how far it was to 10th and Sherman. Art tells him it’s like 6-7 miles from where he was (and mind you he had already walked three by this time) and he should take a bus.

Long walk: Jhaqueil was prepared to walk 10 miles in the icy road between his home and the Dairy Queen for the minimum wage job interview

Jhaqueil simply said thank you and continued his quest (as he did not have money for bus fair and kept on trucking),

Later, as Mr Bouvier was driving with his wife to a coffee shop, he saw this teenager still humping it and they pulled over and asked him if he needed a ride.


Art asks him where he is headed and the young man explains that he is headed to an interview @ Dairy Queen for a job.

Further discussion leads to info about his past and why he was walking. Mother passed away, dropped out of school, taking care of siblings, went back and got his GED after dropping out of school…

I MEAN WOW, talk about your Hard Luck story. I mean this kid is WALKING 10 FREAKING MILES in NASTY weather in HOPES he MIGHT get a job.

Art sees this kid and think to himself.. WOW, this kid is really trying to do better…

WELL SO BE IT.. I am going to help him.

Art says that even if he gets the offer at Wendy’s, he will also offer him a job and will pay him DOUBLE what they would have (minimum wage BTW and it’s $7.25 an hour I believe there) offered.


Offer: Mr Bouvier told Jhaqueil that even if he was offered the Dairy Queen gig, he would double his salary if he came to work for him at Papa Roux instead

Jhaqueil takes the job and started on Monday!!!!

New gig: Jhaqueil's first day at Papa Roux was on Monday

Jhaqueil, told WRTV-TV that he’s now looking forward to getting an apartment closer to his new workplace, so he doesn’t have to walk as far.

In addition, Fox 59 reported that IndyGo, the Indianapolis’ public transportation authority, has stepped up and given Jhaqueil a year’s supply of bus passes.


So to wrap this up… JHAQUEIL, YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!! Keep it up. Maybe you can see that there is a way up and it’s by determination and a strong work ethic. Good things happen to people when they do their part!!!

ART – YOU SIR, TOTALLY ROCK!!! People like you are the whole reason I have this blog and if my whole 5 followers are in your area, I hope they stop by and get some grub. I KNOW I SURE WILL!!

And to the Indianapolis’ public transportation authority… I know you probably don’t get a lot of FAN MAIL but let me say for the record… YOU FREAKING ROCK TOO (that is the highest award you can get at The Feel Good Depot). Your contribution may be small by company standards but you potentially changed a life!!!

And as for Wendy’s… I feel bad for you because it looks like you missed out on a good one!!! Hopefully you got someone just as AWESOME that day!!!!

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