Animal Feel Good Stories

People can be cruel. This we all know. Letting a beautiful dog like this get to a point where it is infected and with Mange is pure UGLY in every sense of the word.

Luckily there are groups like & who do what they can to help these poor loving souls.

Check out this story…

If you can help these people, please show your support and do what you can. What they do is AMAZING!!!

YOU PEOPLE TOTALLY FREAKING ROCK!!!!! You have once again restored my faith in humanity!!!


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I guess you aren’t the cat I was looking for.

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OK, I really don’t think I need to spell this one out…. It is crazy, so it must be Friday

You DESERVE whatever happens next (and since I don’t see Riki Tiki Tavi…. I think you are in trouble).

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OK, Vegetarians get a lot of crap (no pun intended actually) from people, but I saw this and I am sorry.. it made me almost spit out my coffee..

Oh, and Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! WOOHOO!!!

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Walking the Dog – The Special Forces Way

June 4, 2012

I think the picture says it all. This is how the Special Forces walks the Dog in the Feel Good Depot Kind of Way!!

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German Shepherd Fetches Ball, Returns to Find His Soldier Home from Deployment

April 30, 2012

Man’s best friend is some kind of AWESOME!!! He gets so excited to see his Soldier return home from Deployment You can hear it in his lil doggie voice. THIS ROCKS.. And welcome home soldier!!! The Feel Good Depot SALUTES YOU!!

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And Soon It Will be Monday…

April 29, 2012


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Would This Be Considered Doggie Porn??

April 24, 2012

In typical Feel Good Depot Fashion I ask you the question…. is this what a dog would consider a good time?? lol  

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I Found a Giant Snake… Now What???

April 20, 2012

OK, so you just found this enormous snake… now what??? Why get one of your friends to possibly help you with it in the Feel Good Depot Kind of Way.. Feel Free to Add your own caption… this was the first thing that came to my mind… lol

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Clever Cat Knows How to Get to the Fish Sticks – The Feel Good Depot Way

April 6, 2012

So get this… this cat is like my little hero. Not one to take no for an answer, this little guy has figured out how to open the freezer to get at his lil favorite delicacy. The owners have had to install a lock on the freezer just to stop the little pilferer. See what […]

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