Parenting In The Digital Age – The Feel Good Depot Way

by Terry on August 16, 2012 · 1 comment

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Parenting is tough and you don’t need the Feel Good Depot to tell you that.

REALLY TOUGH in the digital age as embarrassing moments and bad decisions can be around the world in seconds.

One parent decided that seeing some photos of her underage daughter online was going to require some special attention.

Now whether you agree with her methods or not (some find what the parent did humiliating)… I say she is there and an active participant in her child’s life which is AWESOME, and I bet at the very least… This young girl will remember that there are consequences to every decision.

I for one am on the “Go Team MOM” side of this equation. Whatever it takes to get their attention. I say go for it.

Poor girl, she actually looks sad.. question is… is she more sad that she got caught, because of what she did, or the fact that all of social media would now know about this outside of her friends who saw the pics?

WOW, tough times all around.

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