Mars One – Who Wants To Colonize Mars??

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OK, now here is a topic that I find VERY intriguing and insanely scary at the same time. So we here at The Feel Good Depot started looking into it and found this.

So let’s start… Who or What is “Mars One”?

Mars One is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to establish a human settlement on Mars through the integration of existing, readily available technologies from industry leaders world-wide. Mars One intends to fund this decade-long endeavor by involving the whole world as the audience of an interactive, reality-style televised broadcast of every aspect of this mission, from the astronaut selections and their preparations to the arrival on Mars and their lives on the Red Planet.

STOP… WHAT??? Private organization to colonize MARS!!!???!!! OK, but Not for profit???

Umm, I don’t know about you but I would be a little bit concerned with going on a one way trip and someone running out of funding or something….

Now there are those who see past the endless possibilities of all that could go wrong and see the chance to be able claim they were the first people to colonize Mars (potentially as the jury may still be out – HEE HEE).

So, you think you are up for the challenge. Want a shot at being on a “Who Wants To Go To Mars” Reality Show???

In the first half of 2013 Mars One will launch the astronaut selection program, a search to find the best candidates for the ‘next giant leap for mankind’. The search will be global, open to every person from every nation.

Watch the video and checkout below to apply…This movie shows how Mars One plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023.

What are the qualifications to apply?


In 2013 Mars One will conduct a global search to find the best candidates for the first human mission to Mars in 2023. On Mars, the primary responsibility for the astronauts is to keep everything, and everyone, up and running. This will be a particular challenge for the first teams. They will need the skills to solve any potential problem – some of which will be completely unforeseeable. Their combined skill sets of each team member must cover a very wide range of disciplines. The astronauts must be intelligent, creative, psychologically stable and physically healthy. On this page, we offer a brief introduction to the basics of our astronaut selection process.

The astronaut selection process

In spaceflight missions, the primary personal attributes of a successful astronaut are emotional and psychological stability, supported by personal drive and motivation. This is the foundation upon a mission must be built, where human lives are at risk with each flight.

Once on Mars, there is no means to return to Earth. Mars is home. A grounded, deep sense of purpose will help each astronaut maintain his or her psychological stability and focus as they work together toward a shared and better future.

Mars One cannot stress enough the importance of an applicant’s capacity for self-reflection. Without this essential foundation, the five key characteristics listed below cannot be utilized to the fullest potential.

Five Key Characteristics of an Astronaut


Characteristic Practical Applications
  • Your thought processes are persistent.
  • You persevere and remain productive.
  • You see the connection between your internal and external self.
  • You are at your best when things are at their worst.
  • You have indomitable spirit.
  • You understand the purpose of actions may not be clear in the moment, but there is good reason—you trust those who guide you.
  • You have a “Can do!” attitude.
  • You adapt to situations and individuals, while taking into account the context of the situation.
  • You know your boundaries, and how/when to extend them.
  • You are open and tolerant of ideas and approaches different from your own.
  • You draw from the unique nature of individual cultural backgrounds.
  • You ask questions to understand, not to simply get answers.
  • You are transferring knowledge to others, not simply showcasing what you know or what others do not.
Ability to Trust
  • You trust in yourself and maintain trust in others.
  • Your trust is built upon good judgment.
  • You have self-informed trust.
  • Your reflection on previous experiences helps to inform the exchange of trust.
Creativity / Resourcefulness
  • You are flexible in how an issue / problem / situation is approached.
  • You are not constrained by the way you were initially taught when seeking solutions.
  • Your humor is a creative resource, used appropriately as an emerging contextual response.
  • You have a good sense of play and spirit of playfulness.
  • You are aware of different forms of creativity.



The age range for candidates will be limited. While the exact upper limits have not yet been determined, the lower age limit for applicants to apply for the selection program will be 18 years. By the time this person would land on Mars as an astronaut, he or she would be 28 years of age.

Country of Origin & Language

Mars One accepts applicants from any country in the world. Applications will be made available in several languages. The official language will be English. Nevertheless, when a candidate applies for the selection program, it is not necessary for him or her to possess an extensive knowledge of English: we will provide candidates with documentation in different languages. As applicants progress through the selection procedure, requirements on their english skills will increase.

The astronaut selection program will start in the first half of 2013. Receive updates and announcements regarding the Astronaut Application Program and selection criteria.

Not you probably have a bunch of other questions… Like maybe some of these below… See the site for more information

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