Kindergarten Teacher Saves Her Student’s Dad After Giving Kidney

by Terry on March 31, 2012 · 2 comments

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All… Meet kindergarten teacher Marie Bell, of Lewisville, Texas who teaches@  Highland Village Elementary School in Texas and Marshall Smith.

She Saved his Life

She didn’t know that her student Sean had a very sick dad who was on dialysis until he missed school one day because the family thought that a kidney transplant was about to happen.

Sean’s mom sent in a note about the absence and unfortunately that kidney transplant wasn’t going to happen as the kidney was found to be diseased. She then contacted Sean’s mother, who suggested she join the kidney donor program after inquiring if there was anything she could do. Now that right there would be enough to justify someone doing something int he Feel Good Depot Kind of Way but she was just getting warmed up (see below).

“How could I look at that little boy, in his eyes every day – greet him as his caregiver, teacher, as his educator and as a mother and know that I didn’t try?”

Marie… YOU TOTALLY ROCK, You are Super Awesome!!! And most can only wish to be half as AWESOME AS YOU!!!

Turned out…ready for it……. She was a PERFECT MATCH!!

The transplant was successful, and both Bell and Smith are now recovering at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. “I didn’t think that God made people like her anymore,” Marshall Smith said.

Then to top it off, in another selfless move Ms Bell said:  “I am blessed to know this family; blessed to have this child in my classroom.”

I mean she goes through a surgery, gives up a kidney and still thinks she is the blessed one… WOW, we could use more people like her in the world.

I know I am on TEAM MARIE. Thanks for being the person you are and I am proud to talk about you on my blog!!!!!

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