Hero Bus Driver Catches Girl in 3-Story Brooklyn Plunge

by Terry on July 17, 2012

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Meet  Stephen St. Bernard (52) an MTA bus driver who was heading home one day to Coney Island after a shift.

He see’s young girl teetering on an A/C unit 3 stories from the ground and jumps to action.

You have GOT to see this:


FREAKING AMAZING. This guy is incredible!!

People amaze me sometimes, Stephen here, in an AWESOME way, people walking by and not stopping in another.

This guy deserves a medal, he is truly a hero in a time when we throw that term around pretty loosely.

This girl had autism and her mom was away taking care of another child in another room and she found herself outside the window on the 3rd floor standing on the A/C unit.

You sir are an incredible human being. Risking your own safety to do what you could and in the end being successful (though we tore a tendon on the process).

I hope blessings come from all sides and maybe some doctor or hospital or person with the means helps you in your recovery.

The world needs people like you and you have once again restored my faith in people.

YOU FREAKING ROCK!!!!!! I wish I knew you and could shake your hand but since I don’t, please accept my virtual handshake.

You are Feel Good Depot AWESOME and I am proud to talk about you on my blog.


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