Girls first Ski Jump – The Feel Good Depot Kind of Way

by Terry on March 23, 2012 · 2 comments

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Learning Ski Jumping takes courage, and this 4th grader has what it takes… PERIOD, end of story.

I can’t believe she went down. After hearing the fear in her voice and seeing the pawing at the ground (like when the ski’s slipped) for some reason I kept thinking she is going to pull up stakes and head to the lodge.


You go lil woman cause you got some serious guts to take this on, plus 50 cool points for being AWESOME at the end with a  BIG WOOT. Overcoming fear is something we all have to learn but she does it with some style and pizzazz.

Whomever you are… You are OK in my book and FREAKING AWESOME and I hope my kids learn a thing or 2 from you and your video.



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