Friday September 21 – Feel Good Depot IDIOT Of The Day

by Terry on September 21, 2012 · 2 comments

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Welcome to another fun filled Friday.

Check out this week’s creatures… now I am all for “doin your own thing” but there has to be a limit somewhere.

Sticking Needles into your head on purpose qualifies as an idiot in my book…. and well, as for the rest of the MESS… Well… Girls, you know damn well you look like IDIOTS!!!

REALLY?? The Vampire teeth weren’t enough, you needed a tattoo coming out of your mouth to go with your new “Star Wars” dome? And the alley cat trying to become a unicorn… I simply don’t get it!!

I bet the parental units are SOOOOO Proud!!

On a lighter note, Halloween is just around the corner.


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