Friday November 09, 2012 – Feel Good Depot Idiot of The Week

by Terry on November 9, 2012 · 2 comments

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Was trolling around MSN Now when I came across this little tidbit of IDIOCY!!!

How in the hell are you going to get 2 DUI’s int he same night and when did the police start letting people go within the hour?

Nice work IDIOT!! Like you didn’t learn enough when you got arrested the first time.

It’s quite a feat to be arrested twice in one night for DUI. It’s All-Star levels of stupidity (and time travel!) to be busted on two separate occasions at the same time. Early on the morning of Nov. 4, police in Urbana, Ohio, helped 22-year-old Niles Gammons achieve the remarkable achievement. Gammons was pulled over at 1:08 a.m., failed a breathalyzer, was arrested, cited and released within an hour. At which point, clocks were turned back when Daylight Saving Time ended. Gammons was then pulled over — by the same officer — in a parking lot at…1:08 a.m.

He going to HATE meeting that judge!!

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