Friday August 24 – Feel Good Depot Idiot Of the Day

by Terry on August 23, 2012

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Tomorrow is Friday, you know what that means…

It’s time for our Idiot of the week @ The Feel Good Depot!

Tire Explodes in Mans Face After He Stabs It!!!

Man’s attempt to stab a tire turns into an EPIC FAILURE as he gets all kinds of jacked up and knocked on his ASS!!

This is one tire that doesn’t like being slashed. The description of this video claims the man was disgruntled over a failed extortion attempt against a shop owner. So in retaliation, he decided to slash the tire of a truck the man owned.

Bad, bad idea. The instant the man plunges his blade into the tire, the resulting airburst is so strong, it knocks him to the ground and literally blows the shirt off his back. It also opens up a serious gash on his stabbin’ arm (note the pool of blood left on the ground after he manages to pick himself up.)

Looks like he walked straight into the Karma Truck!!

See for yourself:

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