Famous BatMobiles Compete in Bat-Ass Drag Race – The Feel Good Depot Way

by Terry on March 26, 2012 · 6 comments

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OK, time for some early morning UBER GEEKNESS!!!

Uber Geekness you say.. strong words indeed and I use them with complete confidence here.

This BatMobile race even comes with a designated asshole (see one of the car drivers in video – I thought that was AWESOME).

Here they take the 1966 Batmobile version from the Adam West TV series and race it against the 1989 Michael Keaton starring Movie Version, for as I said, a race of UberGeek Proportions.

The concept of the SPBD web series is to take two super powered legends and make them battle! Every month we will release a new episode, where viewers will be able to vote to determine the winner. The show is hosted by Marisha Ray, with two debaters, Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl. Together they battle with their sci-fi/fantasy knowledge and comic wit to see who they think the winner will be. In addition, experts from specific fields will guest star and contribute valuable information.

The series is produced by Aaron and Sean Schoenke.

Make sure to visit SUPERPOWERBEATDOWN.com and vote every month for who you think should win!

Be sure to check them out at FACEBOOK.COM/BATINTHESUN

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