CONFIRMED – Flying Bird Man Is Fake (Updated)

by Terry on March 21, 2012

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Jarno Smeets—actually a Dutch CGI artist named Floris Kaayk—fessed up to the hoax on De Wereld Draait Door, a Dutch TV show. Surprise! He “graduated cum laude at the animation department of the St. Joost Academy and received his Master of Fine Arts degree at the Sandberg Institute.” No word if those schools are real or just CGI.

CGI Experts Say Flying Bird Man Is Fake (Updated).

Well, that didn’t take long now did it (meaning long explanation by experts on Gizmodo)??!!??

Well, let me move my AWESOME comment in a more appropriate  direction…

Since this appears to be an AWESOME FAKE according to CGI experts, I think someone needs to find these guys and give them a JOB!!!!

“Cause any person who goes through that much trouble to fake a video to this degree is good enough to help create the next big CGI movie.

I’m not taking down the other post just yet as it still seems like this isn’t all over yet by a mile, but I am enjoying the ride.


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