Camera Rifle Provides a Humane Way To Get That Killer Shot

by Terry on March 14, 2012 · 63 comments

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Camera Rifle Provides a Humane Way To Get That Killer Shot.

The Evolution of Hunting Video Games

Camera Rifle for the Non Hunter in your life

OK, Lets be clear…. I am NOT a HUNTER. I haven’t been since I left home in 1989…. And I didn’t want to be then.

Now my family on the other hand…. whew boy, give them a bullet, an arrow, a piece of rope, and some marking tape and you are not likely to see them for the rest of the day and they will come back with something they claim is edible.

Probably hunting Mice or Squirrels


Kinda like whomever this was…


I like the actual hunting part, you know the tracking part and I especially like the shooting part (not the killing part but we’ll get to that)… and that is where the similarities end!!!!

There is something about getting up at O’ Dark Thirty, in 3 ft of now, in sub zero temperatures (I grew up in Upstate NY), and going for a walk in hopes that some specific animal might show itself just doesn’t do it for me. That is if you aren’t unlucky enough to be in a blind or a tree or something else, sitting all day there just freezing your butt off just waiting for something to walk up or run by you.

Hiding Spot for Hunting Deer

And Who Ever Thought This Was a Good Idea?

Yeah, something like THAT!!!! FREAKING BRRRRR!!!

Oh and by the off chance I actually see… say a deer, and actually manage to hit it and kill it (cause I ain’t gettin within range until it looks really resembles dead)… I have to field dress it and carry it out, take it home and skin it and then clean the meat.

You know what, I’ll just go to the Market and get my MEAT.

BUT……. I think this gun would be freaking awesome for all the parts I did enjoy as I said plus a few others.


Bragging rights, the actual tracking part, the fresh air,  and proving you could bag the big one all come to mind without any of those negatives for me…with one exception….

I REALLY CAN’T AFFORD IT!!!! SO until that time comes, I’ll stick to hunting games


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