Bus Driver’s Awesome Move Prevents Hit-And-Run Driver Escape

by Terry on April 9, 2012 · 3 comments

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From: The official blog of the City of Bethlehem Police Department

Frank Pavlick's Bicycle After Being Hit By Attempted Hit & Run Driver

On 02 April 2012 at approximately 3:06 p.m., expert cyclist Frank Pavlick was struck from behind while riding across the Fahy Bridge.  Mr. Pavlick was hit by a seventeen year old juvenile who was attempting to pass a LANTA bus.

Immediately following the impact, the juvenile attempted to flee the scene to avoid identification and apprehension.  The driver of the LANTA bus, identified as Richard Gubish, Jr., saw the crash in his rear view mirror and also saw the driver attempting to get away.  Mr. Gubish took immediate and decisive action and positioned his bus across the lanes of the bridge, effectively blocking the path of the getaway driver.

Another witness to the crash, Judson Smull, stopped to render aid to the injured Pavlick, who implored Smull to go after the offending driver to get the license plate.  Smull also took immediate action, and following the lead of Mr. Gubish, positioned his car directly behind the offending vehicle, further blocking any attempt to escape.

This BUS Driver is a Hero and displayed impeccable situational awareness. He is DA MAN!!

Stopping this young man from getting away by blocking the road with his bus is AWESOME in The Feel Good Depot Kind of Way!!!

His actions ensured that the perp was going NO WHERE!!! YOU ROCK.

Judson Smull, YOU ROCK TOO!!!!

In this day and age when you have no idea what people will do, they didn’t hesitate to do the right thing!!!!!

Words cannot describe how truly incredible you are!!!

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