Boy With Disability Becomes a Unifying Inspiration – The Feel Good Depot Way

by Terry on June 4, 2012 · 46 comments

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Everyone meet Matt. Matt meet everyone.

Most of us don’t know Matt but let me tell you, this guy is SPECIAL!!!!

Matt has Spastic Cerebral Palsy, but opted to run in Field Day at Colonial Hills Elementary School instead of sitting it out as he was permitted to do.

So Matt comes out the gate STRONG and impressive to be certain, but starts to lose some speed going into the second lap… then the AMAZING HAPPENS…

We all know that kids can be cruel, we know that parents and other grownups and be cynical and  nurturing…BUT NOT THIS DAY.

The kids began to follow, clap, and cheer Matt onto his own personal victory…. No physical barriers were going to stop this young man as he picked up steam and finished the race.

Matt, you are the reason I do this BLOG. You make me remember how much good is in the world and that people only need a SPARK to start a fire that can burn through anything.

Matt, YOU ROCK SIR and I wish it was my pleasure to know you.

Mr. Blaine, the Gym Teacher… YOU FREAKING ROCK TOO!!! Your character precedes you and I wish I knew you too.

Matt’s MOM, you ROCK for never giving up on him.

And to the students of Colonial Hills Elementary School… YOU REALLY ROCK TOO!!! To support one of your own as he attempts to get through a challenge the way you did was a sight to see and warmed my cold small heart!!!

Thank you all for restoring my faith in people!!!

Now go ahead and watch this video and try to not cry too much!!!! RUN MATT….. RUN!!!!!

Oh and I read in the comments that Ellen Mentioned this on her show… You know you Rock @ The Feel Good Depot already!!!

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