Bear Rescues A Man From A Cougar During Hike

by Terry on March 29, 2012 · 197 comments

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Meet 69-year-old Robert Biggs says he was rescued from an attacking mountain lion by a bear during a recent hike in Northern California.

Bear & Cougar... Who Would Win??

Then the fun really began as Biggs stopped to observe a mother bear with her new cub. Apparantly after watching for a bit he turned to leave and a mountain lion suddenly sprang on him, sinking all four claws into his backpack and part of his arm.

Robert Biggs Arm After Attack By MountainLion

Robert Biggs Arm Showing Signs of Cougar Attack

As Biggs tried to subdue the mountain lion with his rock pick, the mother bear jumped into the fray, tearing at the lion until it ran off. Biggs speculates he had interrupted the mountain lion as it hunted the baby cub, allowing him to walk away from the scene despite being the weakest in the pile up and basically the equivalent of a Lunchable for either beast.

So a Bear saves Man from a Cougar (lucky momma bear wasn’t hungry I suppose) and that my Friends is The Feel Good Depot Kind of Way of getting saved!!!

This is one lucky man I would say, as either way his goose could have been cooked…

So that got me to thinking… if they really got into it for the long hall… who would win? Well who would win.

Well, the World Wide Web is AWESOME and there is a site for that too:

And this is what they say on the matter…

Attacking Bear

In an actual fight, the cougar would use its small size and great agility to stay away from the black bear. The black bear’s powerful long claws and immense strength is an immediate game over for any cougar foolish enough to come head on at a black bear. A cougar would remain at a distance and attempt to leap past a black bear to come up behind it or land on top of its back. Staying away from the black bear’s mouth and massive reach is the cougar’s only chance. The black bear has so much insulating fat and hide however, that any cougar that attempts to attack it would be shook away until the black bear can capitalize on the cougar’s desperation and catch it in its paws or jaws. The black bear would then break its neck with one bite, the end for that cougar.

Angry Cougar Leaving The Scene

Time To Move On I'd Say.

Sounds like the Cougar might want to BUG OUT.

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