Arian Foster – A Role Model In So Many Ways

by Terry on March 13, 2012 · 4 comments

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First Off… For some of you, who is this guy??

Arian Foster (born August 24, 1986), is an American football running back for the Houston Texans. He was signed by the Texans as an undrafted free agent in 2009 and was added to their active roster from the practice squad on November 17, 2009. He played college football at Tennessee. Foster is known for his signature bow called “Namaste” when he scores a touchdown.

Arian Foster - Houston Texans Running Back

Houston Texans Running Back Arian Foster


Oh great, an athlete… and a football player to boot… not usually a combination people get the privilege of admiring much but alas here we can and should.

Not only is he into poetry and philosophy, but he is one of the best at what he does and has been since making the team.

So why am I taking the time to write about him on my Blog you ask???

Well since you asked and all….

When he wasn’t making the dollars that he was obviously worth (based against his numbers versus the best Running Backs in the league) he never once cried, complained, or missed time because he thought he deserved more. He simply showed up and kept moving forward.

When contract discussions came about for that “Big Contract” he again didn’t say anything except I want to be a Houston Texan and I can’t wait to get back to work.

Here are some quotes from his press conference…. I think you will get why I like him so much as he is quite articulate.

(opening  statement) “First, I want to thank my offensive line, and my organization, and my coaching staff and everybody in this city, the fans that have showed me so much support and so much love. Once again, I want to thank my offensive line because they made me look a little better than I am. I made sure and told them that, each individually. I’m extremely excited that we were able to come to terms and get a long-term deal done because I love this city. I love this organization. It’s a first-class organization. Mr. Bob McNair, our general manger Rick Smith, our head coach Gary Kubiak, they’ve all shown me so much support ever since I set foot as an undrafted free agent in Houston. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go. They gave me a chance. That’s all that you can ask for in this lifetime. With that being said, I’m excited about the future. I’m excited about doing my best as a Houston Texan and bring a ring to Houston. I want to thank everybody.”

(on if this is another example of validation for him making it in the League ) “Well, it doesn’t hurt. I think that the highest honor you can get is validation from your peers. I think this is icing on the cake. When you get Hall of Fame players who come up to you and say they respect the way you play the game, I think that’s irreplaceable. That’s something I take with me forever.”

(on his agent saying he was proud that Foster never complained about his contract and just went to work the last two years and the message it has sent to the organization) “When I look at guys that hold out, I understand what they’re doing. I understand that it’s a business and I understand sometimes that’s their only option. I’ve always been one of those guys that when growing up, we weren’t the most financially stable family ever. When I got into the NFL, when I got my first active-roster check, I thought I had made it. I was always grateful for that. I still have friends and still have some family members that are struggling financially. For me to demand money for a game that I get to play, where you get a lot of money, it just seemed weird to me. I’m not saying that it’s wrong for anybody else, to each his own. For myself, I always wanted to present myself, and that’s how I live my life, that money is important because you have to eat and you need clothes and you need shelter. If you’re not happy with 10 dollars, you’re not going to be happy with 100. That was always my philosophy in life. When I’m making League-minimum after leading the League in rushing, I felt that it was just a matter of time and if I did the right things and continued to live my life the way I do (it would all work out). I’m an extreme believer in karma for the most part. If you take care of this game, it will take care of you. Even if it didn’t, something else in my life, I was going to be okay somewhat. I just believe that. I think belief is 90 percent of the battle.”

Arian Foster Choking Up

Arian Foster After Telling of His Family Struggles Growing Up

(on what was the lowest time he has had in his life and how he pulled himself out) “When I was growing up, we were going through a lot of hardships as a family. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was when I saw my mother pawn her wedding ring to give us some food that night. I just told myself that I wanted to do something with my life. I just wanted to do something with my life to make sure that when I had a kid that she never had to worry about the lights being on. She didn’t have to worry about any of that. I didn’t care if I had to work three jobs or whatever.  That’s why I won’t complain too much, because at the end of the day, we’re all people. We just want to smile. Even when we were growing up and it was tough, that’s one thing that my family always had. We smiled through it all. That’s why I try to remain as optimistic as possible.”


See It here:

(on if his family is smiling now) “I hope so.”

(on watching other players being paid more for inferior play but knowing that their journey was not his journey) “When you start comparing yourself in another man’s mirror, that’s when those negative thoughts start creeping in. My journey is not anybody else’s journey. What I learned was success is not a destination, it’s a journey. You don’t get to a certain point and say ‘I made it.’ I think that struggle that gets you to wherever you want to go ends up defining you. I think when you start saying, ‘Why can’t I have what he has?’ you’re not yourself anymore. You’re trying to be him or you’re worried about someone else. That was always my thing, don’t worry about anyone else. You can’t control any of that. You can’t control where you get drafted. You can’t control any of that. All you can control is how you react to it. That was always my approach and I really learned that lesson the hard way after college. It has paid dividends for myself and the people around me.”

(on what he has planned to help out his family) “We’re going to cross that bridge when we get there. I was always a strong believer in that you teach a man how to fish. My family has been through a lot and I’m in a position now where I can aid them and help them towards their goals and their dreams. I’m happy to do that.”

(on how important it is to make sure there is no drop-off in production after getting a long-term deal) “It’s like I was saying, you can’t worry about somebody else’s mirror. I think Chris Johnson, towards the end of the year, he started coming around. I understand that he missed all of training camp. I understand what that’s like because I missed part of training camp with a hamstring injury. I know how hard it is to get back in the flow of things. My biggest thing is don’t approach the offseason any different. Just try and get better at everything you do, just like you’ve been doing. I think I have a huge obligation to this organization and these fans to be the best me that I can be for a long time. That’s how I’m going to approach it.”

(on if he has ever played free where he didn’t have chips on his shoulder) “I think you’re always going to feel like you have something to prove, especially at this level. It’s a funny paradox, where this is a business, but it’s still a game. You understand the business side of it and a lot of guys are out to get their payday and that’s just a reality of the situation. That’s why I always tried not to play for a payday. I always tried to play for the logo on my helmet, the name on the back of my jersey, my teammates. I always try to play for the right reasons and I’ll continue to play for the right reasons because if you’re driven by just money, you’re robbing yourself of your full potential. I’ve always felt like that and I continue to feel like that.”


What a guy. I hope he never changes as I would like to coach my son in Arian’s school of thought because this young man simply has it right in every way that counts.

And that my friends, is the very essence of the “Feel Good Depot”.

Congrats Arian to You and Yours… You’re A-OK in My Book!!

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