September 2012

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AWESOME!!!! Someone is BRILLIANT!!

That’s Feel Good Depot Type Science!!!

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Drunk dad of the year lets his drunk 14-year-old drive him around…

Yep, you read that right. What a freaking IDIOT…


Jay Robert Parker must think that the family that gets sh*t-faced together, stays together. Parker was arrested during a traffic stop when cops discovered that the intoxicated S.D., man’s designated driver was not only insanely drunk, but was also his 14-year-old son. Jay Robert Parker, Jr. had a blood alcohol level of 0.165 at the time of his arrest — more than twice the state’s legal limit, which explains why he allegedly ignored a police officer’s flashing lights and siren for more than four miles before weaving his way to the side of the road. The two Parkers earned themselves matching court dates later this month and we hope they let someone else drive. [Source]

How the Hell you gonna let your 14 Y/O son have a .165??? Father of the year material.

I realize it’s Friday at The Feel Good Depot and we look forward to these idiots but this guy…. WOW…

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OK, so I admit it… I have a weakness for gadgets… I don’t care if a spoon will do the job just as well.

I WANT and they are Feel Good Depot AWESOME.

Per The Vendor:

SpoonSpreader™ is the first folding spoon designed to easily scoop and spread.  With its “living-hinge” design, the SpoonSpreader™
can fold in your hand turning the flat spreader into a scoop.  It effortlessly fits through narrow jar openings to scoop out jam, peanut butter, icing and more!  After scooping out your favorite food, simply unfold the SpoonSpreader and use the flat, smooth surface to spread and smear mustard, mayonnaise, hummus, guacamole, Nutella® or soft cheeses.  With no sharp edges, the lightweight, kid-friendly, mom approved, SpoonSpreader™ is the perfect two-in-one scooping & spreading tool to let kids play little chef in the kitchen and create their own masterpieces. The SpoonSpreader™ is also a baker’s dream tool for frosting cupcakes to get that perfect swirl!

Start scooping and spreading some love with the SpoonSpreader™ today!

Some stuff you should know:

  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Two-in-one scooping & spreading
  • Living-hinge design
  • Kid-friendly, no sharp edges
  • Lightweight (.6 oz)
  • 8″ long x 2″ spoon area
  • FDA/EU food safe plastic/nonslip handle
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

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Tomorrow is Monday @ The Feel Good Depot

September 23, 2012

Well, the weekend is coming to a close… we here at the Feel Good Depot hope you enjoyed every minute of it. Now, that said… let’s hope that your morning starts off better than this lady’s…. Not sure why I find this so disturbing… wait, yes I do. Such a Cute Couple. LOL Welcome to […]

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Friday September 21 – Feel Good Depot IDIOT Of The Day

September 21, 2012

Welcome to another fun filled Friday. Check out this week’s creatures… now I am all for “doin your own thing” but there has to be a limit somewhere. Sticking Needles into your head on purpose qualifies as an idiot in my book…. and well, as for the rest of the MESS… Well… Girls, you know […]

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The White House Makes It’s Own Brew – That’s Feel Good Depot AWESOME!!

September 21, 2012

For the unaware at this point (better late than never) the white house makes it’s own beer. Made just like home brewers do all over the world in the kitchen of the White House. I may not agree with the sitting President and Commander in Chief (Mr. OBama) on many topics, I gotta give some […]

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Monday September 17 @ The Feel Good Depot

September 16, 2012

Tomorrow is Monday…. I hope your day is better than the one these people are having!!!

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Friday September 14 – The Feel Good Depot Idiot Of The Week

September 14, 2012

First off: That Said, it’s time for our Idiot Of The WeeK… This is so hard to choose every week because well, there are just so many choices…   From “The Chive” – Check Out that Site BTW!!  or How about this CAT… He knows that don’t fit as it should but it seems to […]

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Idiot Teacher Sends Student Letter Home For Student Detention

September 13, 2012

Wonder how many times this has happened to anyone… I know the teacher was trying to make a point but c’mon, detention because you are an IDIOT? I hate that teachers have to put up with so much crap (as my wife you to be one) but…. It’s not the child’s fault you partied so […]

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