August 2012

Man proves that just because you see something done, doesn’t mean everyone can do it.

Escalators, got to love those gadgets… So I wonder who thought to themselves… hmm I wonder if I could spin on one.

1st guy shows the trick can be done… 2nd guy thinks he can do it better and causes an amazingly comical video to come about.

Check out this weeks Feel Good Depot Idiot Of the Week (though they appear to be having a LOT of late night fun).


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Yes ladies, we do have an issue….

Thanks to Robin Williams for clearing that up, as we appreciate such fine words of wisdom here at the Feel Good Depot!!

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This is pretty FREAKING AWESOME. I wish I had talent like this…

Check it out!!

Her name is Hong Yi, and goes by the nickname, ‘Red’. She’s an artist-architect who likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush.

Check out her sight @ as she does some amazing and apparently PAINSTAKING work to create these Feel Good Depot type works of brilliance.

My hat goes off to you and I wish you the best of luck with your future projects.

~ The Feel Good Depot



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Tomorrow is Friday, you know what that means…

It’s time for our Idiot of the week @ The Feel Good Depot!

Tire Explodes in Mans Face After He Stabs It!!!

Man’s attempt to stab a tire turns into an EPIC FAILURE as he gets all kinds of jacked up and knocked on his ASS!!

This is one tire that doesn’t like being slashed. The description of this video claims the man was disgruntled over a failed extortion attempt against a shop owner. So in retaliation, he decided to slash the tire of a truck the man owned.

Bad, bad idea. The instant the man plunges his blade into the tire, the resulting airburst is so strong, it knocks him to the ground and literally blows the shirt off his back. It also opens up a serious gash on his stabbin’ arm (note the pool of blood left on the ground after he manages to pick himself up.)

Looks like he walked straight into the Karma Truck!!

See for yourself:

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Method Created to Turn Adult Blood Cells to Embryonic Cells – That’s Feel Good Depot AWESOMENESS!!

August 23, 2012

Courtesy of   Scientists Clear Path to the Fountain of Eternal Youth  Jesus Diaz  Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered an efficient and totally safe method to turn adult blood cells “all the way back to the way [they were] when that person was a 6-day-old embryo.” The discovery could be the key to cure […]

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Hover Bikes Becoming Reality – The Feel Good Depot

August 21, 2012

OMFG.. This is like inner uber geek awesome…   A resurrected hover vehicle won’t fly through dense forests as effortlessly as the “Star Wars” speeder bikes from “Return of the Jedi,” but its intuitive controls could someday allow anyone to fly it without pilot training. The aerial vehicle resembles a science fiction flying bike with two ducted rotors […]

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67 Year Old Gets 2 Aces In One Golf Round – Now That’s Feel Good Depot AWESOME!!

August 21, 2012

If your a golfer, maybe this guy can give you a few pointers… Rich Akin, not only recorded his fifth career ace last weekend but his sixth, too, both in the same round. In fact, Akin, who was playing in a Men’s Golf Association event at Quail Valley golf course, has made all six of […]

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Monday Morning Prayers Brought To You By The Feel Good Depot

August 19, 2012

Well, tomorrow is Monday.. For some of you… prayer is in order. It’s Feel Good Depot type of Recovery.

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First Photo of Michael Phelps – The Feel Good Depot

August 17, 2012

Long Lost Photo of Michael Phelps demonstrating his Olympic Style talents long before the world knew who he was.

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Friday, August 17th – Feel Good Depot Idiot Of The Day

August 16, 2012

People AMAZE me… Someone, somehow, thought this was a “Good Idea”. Well we at the Feel Good Depot feel that we should honor these Idiots every Friday!! This week is courtesy of www. – Check the site out.

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